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Hi! My name is Chris Tarbassian and back in March 2003, I started a small home-based "project" which I called Operation Comix Relief. My goal...to get some comic books to my friend Major (then Capt.) Tom Chafe (an Air Force Flight Nurse), so that he could pass them out to the ill and/or wounded soldiers, to provide them with some diversional activities (as well as for him to read) during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Well, it's still home-based, but my idea has evolved into a much larger operation, and as a result of which, I am now able and willing to send comics to any front line soldier.

If you would like to donate to us, or know of a soldier who you think might like to receive one of our package, please write us at the address provided.

Chris Tarbassian
A tribute to all those who have & are serving!

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Please send us an email...any feedback is appreciated :)

***Please send all requests for packages and interest in making a donation to Mr. Tarbassian at the OCR email address on the "Contact Us" page.***

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